Practice Areas

Robertsons’ Insolvency & Restructuring team has considerable experience in dealing with all aspects of the Hong Kong insolvency and bankruptcy regimes in the territory.

Together with our Banking and Finance Department, we advise financial institutions, secured creditors and other parties with significant interests in insolvent companies, implementing strategies designed to maximize recoveries.

We frequently advise Boards of Directors of companies facing financial difficulties on their obligations under Hong Kong law and on the methods and procedures for winding up companies in the territory.

Our team also represents liquidators, advising them on their legal rights and responsibilities in the winding up process and specifically on such areas as preferential payments, retention of title actions, unfair preferences and director disqualifications. In addition, we frequently assist directors, liquidators and creditors at meetings convened during the liquidation process, as well as representing interested parties in the Committees of Inspection.

We also advise receivers on their rights and limitations in exercising their powers of management and sale under charges against secured assets in Hong Kong.

Our team also frequently works with creditors and companies on corporate rescues and restructurings, as well as refinancing and debt rescheduling schemes, including court-sanctioned arrangements.