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Pan Tsang speaks on LexisNexis webinar panel discussing generative AI in the legal industry

Jul 06, 2023

Robertsons’ partner Pan Tsang participated as a panelist in LexisNexis’ webinar on “Generative AI & the Legal Profession” last week. The webinar started with a survey review on the perception, experience and expectations of legal professionals on generative AI tools.

Pan shared his thoughts on the impact of AI and acknowledging the ongoing evolution of AI technology and its evitable influence on the legal industry. “Education and training are therefore important. A firm could hold workshops and seminars for lawyers to address the safety and ethics of using such tools. Meanwhile, experimenting the tools is equally important,” said Pan. 

Pan also shared practical examples of using prompts to harness the potential of AI:

Examples of prompts:

  • List out 50 useful prompts for lawyers  
  • Write an article on X for a legal magazine in a professional tone
  • Draft a formal demand letter for repayment of debt by a law firm 
  • Compare data privacy laws in Hong Kong, Singapore and EU
  • Provide an overview of main concepts of securities laws in Hong Kong 
  • Rewrite this in a concise yet professional, lawyerly voice, in 3 different samples.

Many thanks to LexisNexis for the invitation, and appreciation for the valuable insights shared by the other panelists in this engaging and informative session!

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