Practice Areas

Robertsons has been providing notarial services for over 30 years and our two longstanding notaries Michael Lintern-Smith and Christopher Gordon have wide ranging experience in providing notarial services which support the international activities of both businesses and individuals for which Hong Kong is justly famous.

Notarial services are provided for the preparation, execution and verification of legal documents for use abroad (except those documents which originate in Hong Kong for use in Mainland China which are dealt with by our China Appointed Attesting Officer).

Our notarial services include:

  • preparing and witnessing powers of attorney for use overseas;
  • verifying the identity of a person;
  • witnessing documents for  purchase or sale of land or property overseas;
  • authenticating personal documents and information for immigration/emigration, marriage, adoption, succession or other purposes;
  • authenticating company, commercial and business documents;
  • preparing ships protest;
  • providing authentication and secure record for a transaction, document or event;
  • witnessing affidavits and other documents for filing with foreign courts or administrative offices.

Apostille by High Court of Hong Kong

Some documents bearing the signature and seal of a Notary Public are required to be further authenticated by apostilles issued by the High Court of Hong Kong.  Those documents that require authentication by apostilles are for use in Hague Apostille Convention States or Territories.

Legalization by Consulates or Commissions

Documents destined for non-Hague Apostille Convention States or Territories, after being signed and sealed by a Notary Public, will require legalization of the identity, signature and seal of the Notary Public by the relevant diplomatic representative of the state or territory in Hong Kong before these documents can be used in that state or territory.