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Chris Lambert’s seminar on “How To Run A Solicitors’ Practice – A Lawyer’s Guide To Self-Management”

May 23, 2023

Chris Lambert delivered two seminars in mid-May on the subject of “How To Run A Solicitors’ Practice – A Lawyer’s Guide To Self-Management”. The course was inspired by Chris’ perception of running a solicitor’s practice in the present era, when the industry is being constantly transformed by disruptive market forces and technology.

The seminar involved interactive sharing of real-life situations amongst practitioners, and covered practical tips on solicitors' development and communication, deadlines and expectation management. There was also a discussion on “juggling” the life/work balance of a modern lawyer (as well as some actual juggling of oranges!).

The seminar, with members from all levels of the profession, concluded with strategies on leveraging and developing individual lawyer's strengths. Thanks to all who participated!

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